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Herbal Radio

Jul 21, 2022

This week’s Herbal Radio episode is recorded from a Sunday Annex Series class that was led earlier this month by our very own, in-house aromatherapist, Christine Rice. We are proud to present the Sunday Annex Series – a weekly educational class hosted by local herbalists, crafters, scientists, and more hosted at the Mountain Rose Herbs Annex in Eugene, Oregon. These weekly classes are part of our on-going efforts to provide accessible education to the herbal community.

In this podcast, you’ll explore scent descriptions and scent type grouping and find out how base, middle, and top aroma notes work together to create synergistic blends that can be personalized depending on your aromatic preference. Christine will even walk you through a blending exercise. While in-person participants created an aromatic roll-on to take home, you will be equipped to make your own roll-ons and essential oil blends at home.

For upcoming classes in Eugene, view the Sunday Annex Series event calendar here:

Christine Rice is a Certified Aromatherapist and Director of Product Development & Management at Mountain Rose Herbs. A longtime employee with over a decade under her belt, Christine collaborates with almost every department at Mountain Rose Herbs on a daily basis and knows the intimate details of every product we offer. Christine researches and selects new and exciting herbal products to offer in addition to managing all of our current products. With more than 3,000 product offerings, this is no small task! She also oversees the quality and approval of the essential oils and hydrosols that we carry.

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