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Herbal Radio

Nov 17, 2023

For this week’s plant adventure on Herbal Radio, we sit down with the President of Native Botanical Inc., Edward Fletcher. We had the opportunity to learn about Ed’s many intriguing life journeys that led him to his wide-spread successes throughout the herbal community today. We’ll dive into Ed’s upbringing, where his family founded the first nature preserve in North Carolina in the early 1900s, a memorable moment shared with his grandmother when he encountered his first taste of medicinal plant wisdom, and Ed’s passion for ethical cultivation practices of the American ginseng plant.  

On top of his work as the President and COO at Native Botanicals Inc., Ed has also been a proud presenter at the AHPA’s Botanical Congress for just shy of 5 years. His expertise on proper cultivation and propagation practices was key to the creation of AHPA’s Good Stewardship Brochures. These valuable resources share conservation statuses and harvesting guidelines for a few of Mother Nature's at-risk botanicals.

Learn more about this week's featured guest: 

Edward J. Fletcher is the President and COO of Native Botanicals, Inc.. He has been in the botanical business and made his livelihood with plants for all of his adult life. He learned about plants from the roots up, propagating and growing native American wildflowers in his family’s 4th generation ornamental nursery business, Gardens of The Blue Ridge. He joined Wilcox Natural Products, and as Cultivation Manager where he developed and managed the cultivation program overseeing nearly 4,000 hectares in 8 different countries of medicinal species. He continued this work as the Chief Operating Officer of Strategic Sourcing, Inc’s Botanical Division for 15 years.


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