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Herbal Radio

Jan 26, 2024

Today’s Herbal Radio episode features the enthralling storyteller and creative alchemist, Sarah Greenman. Sarah is a profoundly talented artist, cultural worker, community organizer, storyteller, and a true archeologist of the soul. Thomas and Sarah sit down and chat about her upbringing in a household full of thespians who’d break out in theatrical tunes at the drop of a hat, her detailed recollections of climbing the steep staircase leading to her grandmother’s art studio as a young child, and the numerous creative paths she has embarked on to blossom into the botanical artist and passionate community-driven person Sarah is today.

Sarah’s passion for unearthing buried stories of those left without a voice in our past and present-day is profound across each of her paintings and collaborative work within her community, and you’ll certainly be left with new perspectives on the natural world that surrounds us after listening to today’s episode. Be sure to check out more on Sarah Greenman’s artwork and community efforts detailed below. Thank you for tuning into Herbal Radio, we’re so happy to have you tag along with us for another botanical adventure!

Sarah Greenman (she/they) is a playwright, painter, facilitator, and Executive Director at the American Leadership Forum of Oregon. As an artist and community organizer, Sarah’s work is joyful, inclusive, strategic, and fiercely focused on collective liberation. She loves reading, music, camping, botany, the sea, and spending time with her children, Charlie and Katie.

Sarah holds a BA in Creative Writing with a Women's Studies emphasis from Mills College. Sarah's plays have been produced in New York, Oakland CA, Berkeley CA, Portland OR, Santa Maria CA, and Seattle WA. Sarah is also a graduate of the Pacific Conservatory Theater (PCPA).

Sarah formerly served as Creative Director and then Operations Director for StateraArts, a national nonprofit creating pathways that bring women and non-binary creators into full and equal participation in the arts.

Originally from the Central Coast of California, Sarah now resides in rural Eastern Oregon. 

Visit Sarah's art gallery here!

Check out Sarah's own podcast - Collaborative Alchemy Podcast here!

Check out Sarah's blog - The Bohemian Home here!


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