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Herbal Radio

Jun 17, 2022

Today’s episode is from our virtual Spring Free Herbalism Project which took place online March 11, 2022. Esteemed herbalist and Executive Director of the American Herbalists Guild, Mimi Hernandez, leads us through the fragrant trio of lemongrass, lemon verbena, and lemon balm. Grab a cup of tea and become enchanted as you listen to this special presentation.

Mimi believes strongly that keeping plant wisdom alive is essential and has dedicated her life's work to serving as an advocate for both traditional and professional herbal pathways while building cultural bridges of understanding.  As a Registered Herbalist, Mimi has mentored many students of clinical and community herbalism over the years. She has also worked in nonprofit leadership as the Executive Director of the American Herbalists Guild and in academia where she taught undergraduate Ethnobotany at Frostburg State University. Mimi is realizing her dream as a homesteader in Polk County NC where she stewards the PonderLand native plant sanctuary. 

Mimi has served as a past President of the North Carolina Herb Association. She is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild and holds a Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine. She has taught various aspects of herbalism for many educational platforms including conferences, universities, herb schools, clinics, and mentorship programs for beginners as well as clinical herbalists.

Mimi's book the National Geographic Herbal is due to be published in 2023.

Watch the entire virtual Spring 2022 Free Herbalism Project on our YouTube channel.

Visit Mimi Hernandez at: 
Her personal Facebook page
Facebook group: Advanced Herbal Science

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