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Feb 3, 2015

“Aphrodisiac” is a highly problematic term, predominantly because of the popular but mistaken belief that they create "automatic interest" in anyone/everyone who uses them. Products advertised with guarantees for amazing results often fail to deliver, or (not infrequently) are found to be adulterated with drugs. Looking at lists of plants deemed “aphrodisiacs”, we see everything from strong, druglike herbs (yohimbe) to culinary spices (ginger) to adaptogens (ashwangandha) and antispasmodics (kava). What gives? Well, just like all other aspects of herbcraft, one person’s turn on can put another person out…in other words, energetics apply here as well. We’ll look at what indications make certain herbs appropriate for certain people, and give you some engaging ideas to ponder with your partner(s).

This presentation was recorded at the Free Herbalism Project in Eugene, OR.

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