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Herbal Radio

Dec 23, 2021

Time to cozy up with a cup of tea and enjoy storytime with herbalist, Guido Masé. In this episode, “Herbal Folklore: Tales of the Forest Spirits of Italy,” Guido shares five legends from the land of the Ladins, the native inhabitants of the Dolomite region of northern Italy. He’s chosen stories of the Silvani:  mythical, mischievous forest dwellers who are kind to us humans who always end up needing their assistance. We’ll hear five short stories each about different herbs—linden, rue, juniper, nettle, and mugwort—and learn how the Silvani use herbs to help save humans’ crops and rescue us from other troubles.

Guido Masé RH (AHG) is a clinical herbalist, herbal educator, and garden steward specializing in holistic Western herbalism, although his approach is eclectic and draws upon many influences. Guido is an herbalist and principal scientist at Traditional Medicinals and Urban Moonshine. He teaches at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, and is the author of The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants and co-author of DIY Bitters: Reviving the Forgotten Flavor.

CLICK HERE to watch Guido Masé sharing these stories by the hearth!

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