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Herbal Radio

Sep 3, 2021

Linda Conroy dedicates her life to connecting with the green world. She is a practicing herbalist and avid forager, providing herbal education, workshops, apprenticeships, individual consultations, and small-batch herbal products.

Linda asks, “What if nourishment works?” Introduced to herbalism by the vibrancy of living plants in the natural world, Linda now guides spontaneous learning experiences for apprentices, and curates collaborative leadership opportunities through Moonwise Herbs, The Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference and Mycelium Mysteries Women's Mushroom Conference. 

We explore nourishing life, foraging, food as medicine, and some of Linda’s favorite mushrooms for the kitchen and apothecary. Learn about the importance of dirt time, belly botany, critical thinking, observation, experience, welcoming plants as teachers, and the simple medicine of doing nothing and allowing yourself to be woven into the web of life. 

Visit Linda Conroy at:

Contact Jiling Lin, LAc at:

Instagram @LinJiling

Facebook @JilingLAc


Here’s some of Linda’s book recommendations: 

“Botany in a Day,” by Thomas Elpel

“Weeds Heal,” by Isla Burgess

“Start Mushrooming,” by Stan Tekiela

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