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Herbal Radio

Nov 17, 2022

This week’s Herbal Radio episode is a rerelease from August 2020. Our friend, herbalist and naturopathic physician, Dr. Glen Nagel, joined us in Eugene for an afternoon of making homemade root beer with immune-supporting herbs. We are what we eat (and drink), so why not move beyond the highly processed, high-sugar, artificially flavored imitations and try making your own delicious and healthy root beer?

While enjoyable all year long, this recipe is especially supportive during seasonal shifts because of its wellness boosting ingredients. We’ll be making Dr. Nagel’s homemade root beer for our community this holiday season, and hope you enjoy making it for your loved ones too!

This recording is also available to watch on our YouTube channel here.
Read the recipe on our blog here.

Dr. Glen Nagel, ND (aka The Herbal Wiseguy) is an experienced herbalist, Naturopathic physician and all-around herbal expert. With 35 years of experience, Glen has excelled as a naturalist, herbalist, naturopathic physician, naturopathic medical school professor of botanical medicine, and herbal mixologist. He believes that plants are our teachers and utilizes nature for health and healing.

Find more information on Dr. Glen Nagel, The Herbal Wiseguy here!

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