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Herbal Radio

Sep 29, 2023

In this week's Herbal Radio episode, we recount our enthralling and informative conversation with the bilingual-bicultural holistic practitioner, Patricia Cortez. Patricia sits down with Thomas in his studio and looks back on her childhood in El Salvador, her maternal grandmother’s role as a “Spiritist” in her community, and the history of Día de Muertos. We hope you enjoy this touching podcast full of storytelling, wisdom, and a deep heart.  

Patricia Cortez is a bilingual-bicultural holistic practitioner at Eugene Reiki Healing.

Mayan-Pipil is her maternal lineage and Aztec-Chorris her paternal lineage. She was trained by Mamá Trini, her maternal grandmother who was a “Spiritist” -the one who talks to Spirits, in the healing arts and in indigenous practices. She is a Sacred Fire tender and performs Sacred Fire Ceremonies on behalf of this community. She graduated from Portland State University as a Clinical Social Worker in 2005 and worked as a mental health clinician for over 15 years. She is currently an Adjourn Professor in Latinx Family and Culture at Pacific University and Administrative Program Coordinator at the Trauma Healing Project a nonprofit organization in town. She leads a small private practice offering Reiki, Energy Medicine, Abdominal Massage, Sound Treatment and other healing arts; for the past 8 years she has offered classes and workshops on Indigenous and Reiki Practices, Self-Healing, Ancestral Healing, Mayan Calendar, Healing of Earth, Reconciliation of Feminine & Masculine, Toltec Numerology, Dream Implantation, Working with Weather Beings and Energies in English and Spanish. She performs Womb Ceremony and works with Invisible Realms, Sacred Fire, the Moon, Copal, Weather Beings and Cacao.

You can find Patricia here:

Read Patricia's blog "Copal: A Healer, Protector, & Guide for Dia de Muertos" here

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