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Herbal Radio

Apr 14, 2023

Welcome to a very special episode featuring Leah Song and Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia. We love the soulful tunes from this sister duo and get the feeling that their music resonates with a lot of other folks in the herbal community as well. It was certainly wonderful welcoming Leah and Chloe as our live musical guests for our first virtual Free Herbalism Project (FHP) back in May 2020. After the FHP collaboration, we knew that we wanted to get to know them a little better. 

Herbal Radio producer, Elise, sits in with Thomas for a lovely conversation with Leah and Chloe. We talk about their upbringing, inspirations, relationship to the herbal community, herbs that support them while on tour and at home, as well as the slow music movement. We hope you enjoy!

Rising Appalachia brings to the stage a collection of sounds, stories, and songs steeped in tradition and a devotion to world culture. Intertwining a deep reverence for folk music and a passion for justice, they have made it their life’s work to sing songs that speak to something ancient yet surging with relevance. Whether playing at Red Rocks or in rail cars, at Italian street fairs or to Bulgarian herbalists, this fiercely independent band has blazed a unique and colorful path across the globe. 11 years into their movement, Rising Appalachia believes that the roots of all these old songs are vital to our ever evolving soundscape.

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Join us for the Spring Free Herbalism Project at Mount Pisgah Arboretum on Sunday, May 7 featuring presentations by Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Richo Cech, and Jiling Lin. There will be live music, a first aid salve workshop, plant walks, free tea, and local vendors. See the schedule of the day and learn more here.

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