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Herbal Radio

Nov 12, 2021

Bevin sits down with Denise Cusack who wears many interesting hats–clinical herbalist and aromatherapist, nonprofit leader, homesteader, educator, wife, and mother of two unschooled teenagers. She sees her roles as interconnected, just like the natural systems in her garden. Denise discusses how she finds a balance between her volunteer position as Executive Director of Herbalists Without Borders and the many things she does at Lunar Hollow Farm in Wisconsin. Bevin and Denise’s conversation touches on health justice, access to affordable herbal medicine, ancestral knowledge, and juggling a diverse set of responsibilities at work and at home. Midway through the episode, Denise shares a hilariously lucky story of a fermented glass explosion in her kitchen. Learn what’s next for Denise in her pursuit to foster community-based cultural exchanges for herbalists and growers.

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