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Mar 16, 2017

Susan Leopold, PhD The Work of the United Plant Savers: Why Sustainable Herb Sourcing Matters Join us for firsthand stories from the frontlines of the conservation work of the United Plant Savers! From sandalwood in Hawaii and peyote in Texas, to osha in Colorado and the ginseng of Appalachia, this talk will highlight several medicinal plants that need our engagement.

The work of UpS is unique as there is no other organization dedicated to the conservation of at-risk native medicinal plants. As consumers of herbal medicine, we need to understand where our ingredients come from and what factors make a plant at-risk. UpS has partnered with Mountain Rose Herbs on the launch of the new "Forest Grown" program to promote forest farming of traditional herbs in Appalachia.

Learn about this effort and how you can become plant savers in these critical times of rapid extinction of native biodiversity and global deforestation. Plants need us, and each of us can make a difference by healing the planet and ourselves.


This presentation was recorded at the Free Herbalism Project in Eugene, OR.

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