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Jan 4, 2017

Many of us feel lost and long for a way home to a right relationship with the earth and our plant allies. We seek ways to take our medicine and food into our own hands in ways that honor our connection to all beings and empower us as individuals. In this inspiring lecture, Heron Brae discusses seasonal patterns in relationship to plants, and the inner seasonal rhythms that echo within and around us. Calling attention to these patterns can help us deepen our relationship to the changing energies of nature. In this time of the waning sun of late summer, which plants are vibrant and ready to pick? What ways can we tend and work with plants to support their optimal growth? What are the seasonal patterns that we can learn from through watching and working with our plant allies? She discusses the entire wheel of the year, the many layers of patterns within this model, including plant harvesting and medicinal characteristics. Come away with a map of your personal yearly cycles and the plants that call to us within that cycle.

This presentation was recorded at the Free Herbalism Project in Eugene, OR in August of 2013.

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