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Herbal Radio

Dec 9, 2021

Guisepi Spadafora traveled the United States for more than a decade offering free tea to friends and strangers alike from Edna Lu the Free Tea Bus. Because sharing is the primary way that humans create, maintain, and deepen bonds, this project inspired people to cultivate community through The Gift. 

Guisepi and Jiling chat about the relationship-based economy, transitional ethics, traveling well, and how to create magic in an otherwise ordinary life. Guisepi offers easy and actionable ideas for bringing more traditional human economy into your life, and shares some of his heart-warming adventures with Edna Lu. Learn where Edna Lu lives now, and what’s next for Guisepi!  

Visit Guisepi Spadafora at:
Instagram @FreeTeaParty 
Facebook @EdnaLu

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