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Herbal Radio

Jul 29, 2022

Join us for the inaugural episode of Mountain Rose Herbs’ newest Herbal Radio podcast series – Interviews on Herbal Radio. Hosted by our very own Chief Marketing & Brand Officer, Thomas Dick. A behind-the-scenes tour-de-force, Thomas is stepping into the podcast studio, interviewing herbalists, scientists, and a plethora of passionate plant people to discover what lights their plant powered fire and how they arrived to where they are today.

In this first episode, we had the honor of interviewing the Executive Director of United Plant Savers (UpS), Susan Leopold, PhD. Susan is a longtime friend of Mountain Rose Herbs, and it was an absolute honor to sit down with her (virtually) and conversate over the important plot points in her life that sparked her botanical passions. Learn about UpS’ history as well as past and upcoming projects and why Susan says, “herbs are the gateway drugs to activism”. Educational, inspiring, and thought-provoking, you are sure to learn something new and beautiful in this conversational podcast. We hope you enjoy!

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Susan Leopold, PhD, is an ethnobotanist and passionate defender of biodiversity. Over the past 20 years, Susan has worked extensively with indigenous peoples in Peru and Costa Rica. She is the Executive Director of United Plant Savers and Director of the Sacred Seeds Project. Prior to working at United Plant Savers, she was a librarian at the Oak Spring Garden Library, specializing in digitizing rare herbals and botanical travel manuscripts. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Botanical Dimensions and the Center for Sustainable Economy. She is an advisory board member of American Botanical Council. She is a proud member of the Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia and the author of the children’s book Isabella’s Peppermint Flower, teaching about Virginia’s botanical history. She lives on and manages a productive farm, the Indian Pipe Botanical Sanctuary, with her three children in Virginia. There she raises goats, peacocks, and herbs. She is an avid recreational tree climber, in love with the canopy just as much as the herbs of the forest floor.

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