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Oct 25, 2018

Juniper, these ground-hugging shrubs are common denizens of the temperate and arctic regions of the northern hemispheres, and are well-respected as practical, helpful trees in the Dolomites. Locals harvest the limbs and berries from high mountain crags, bringing them back to the villages and stables for protection,...

Oct 25, 2018

All the members of the genus Artemisia, being moon-related, seem to have an affinity for mind-alteration and fortune-telling, but also banishing, cleansing, and forgetfulness. Sit with Guido Masé for a bit of Mugwort story time!

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Mountain Rose Herbs 


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Oct 24, 2018

This is a very sacred and important tree in the land of the Ladins, the native inhabitants of the Dolomite region who have been living there, with an intact tradition, since before Roman times. In valleys such as the Val Gardena they still craft beautiful, intricate sculptures from linden wood.

But the tree, which we...