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Herbal Radio

Dec 30, 2023

Happy almost-New Year plant-enthusiast listeners! For the last episode of Herbal Radio in 2023, we’ll be shaking things up a bit from the usual plant adventure we find ourselves embarking on each week. After a busy year filled with interviews, Thomas and Jiling sit down and share laughs, insightful moments, and highlight some of the most impactful conversations they’ve had in 2023.

Throughout the year 2023, we had the pleasure of featuring an array of enthralling guests, including soulful tunes from Leah Song and Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia, insightful discussions on the importance of community with the one-and-only Rosemary Gladstar, entertaining stories on her encounters with lightning as a child from the wonderful storyteller Margi Flint, as well as captivating discussions with Richo Cech on his seed-seeking adventures in Africa, and so much more!

We’ve had such a wonderful year sharing voices and stories from many folks throughout the herbal community and beyond, and we’re so excited to share more with you in the upcoming year. From the entire Herbal Radio family, we hope you have a peaceful and welcoming New Year!


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