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Herbal Radio

Aug 26, 2021

Doctor Ingrid Bauer, MD bridges conventional and alternative medical paradigms to expand access to holistic healthcare. Learn about her journey from farmgirl to street medic, and onwards to co-founding Five Flavors Herbs, then becoming an internal medicine physician at a community healthcare clinic in rural northern California. Enjoy Ingrid’s insights on when she prefers herbs to drugs, common red flags for herbalists, and the realities of weaving integrative medicine into a formal western medical setting. 

Ingrid Bauer, MD emphasizes affordable, effective, natural therapies with her patients. Board certified in Internal Medicine, Ingrid has been studying and practicing herbal medicine and nutrition for nearly 20 years. She enjoys teaching about herbal medicine for Western medical practitioners, and delights in sharing Western medical knowledge with the herbal community. 

Learn more about Ingrid Bauer, MD at: 

Five Flavors Herbs

Paeonia Integrative Medicine 

Contact Jiling Lin, LAc at:

Instagram @LinJiling

Facebook @JilingLAc

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