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Herbal Radio

Sep 16, 2021

Enjoy Lisa Ganora’s conversational storytelling as she explores the connection between our ancient organoleptic skills as mammalian creatures, and modern research in phytochemistry. We touch on herbalists’ roles as land stewards and water protectors during our climate change crisis. We laugh as Lisa demonstrates her scratch, snort, sniff, savor, and spit method of organoleptic connections. We discuss the simple yet important role that sitting with plants has, before reading plant textbooks. 

Lisa Ganora began studying traditional Western herbalism in the early ‘80s. After practicing as a Wise Woman tradition community herbalist for a decade, Lisa returned to UNCA and graduated summa cum laude with multiple awards in biology and chemistry. After graduation she focused on studying herbal constituents (pharmacognosy and phytochemistry).

You might know Lisa Ganora as the author of Herbal Constituents, 2nd Ed., a popular textbook on herbal phytochemistry for natural health practitioners. Or, she might be a familiar name from herbal conferences, or as the 2012-2020 director of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Learn about Lisa’s new projects stewarding  Elderberry's Farm, a Rocky Mountain Herbal Education Center in Paonia, CO. Lisa also teaches a comprehensive distance learning course on herbal constituents and formulates for the dietary supplements industry.


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