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Herbal Radio

Jun 23, 2022

Today’s episode is the second presentation from our virtual Spring 2022 Free Herbalism Project which took place online March 11. Functional Medicine, Family Medicine, and Emergency Department Physician, Dr. Crystal Dawn Silas, presents “What Is the Microbiome and How to Nourish It.”

Every creature on this planet has evolved within our Earth's microbial soup, and humankind is no exception. Microbes have always lived in us and on us. We are superorganisms of microbial and mammalian cells that have co-evolved over time. Our biology has evolved to rely on microbes to influence those metabolic functions that have not been encoded within the human genome. During this hour Dr. Crystal Dawn will discuss those lifestyle choices, foods and herbs that nourish a wholesome microbiome that positively signals our genetic program towards repair and restore.

Dr. Crystal Dawn Silas is an intuitive, information-rich, dynamic, inspirational healer/speaker/leader. She is a Functional Medicine, Family Medicine and Emergency Department Physician with over 20 years of infusing botanical medicines and other integrative approaches to create her unique healing modalities. Crystal Dawn inspires those everyday lifestyle choices that enhance the body/mind/spirit's innate ability to renew itself towards a luminous well being and wholesomeness. Dr Crystal Dawn is a world nomad, whose compassionate yet provocative paradigms has been shifting lives around the planet for decades.

Watch the entire virtual Spring 2022 Free Herbalism Project on our YouTube channel and follow along with Dr. Crystal Dawn’s slides.

Dr. Crystal Dawn Silas is a guest writer for our recently released Spring 2022 Journal. Sign up here to receive your free, sustainably printed copy and read up on the mircobiome.

Visit Dr. Crystal Dawn Silas at:

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